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Located right in the heart of the beautiful city, Erie County Roofers provides professional roofing, siding, and remodeling referral service to Erie County and surrounding areas such as Albion, Edinboro, and Ashtrabula. We also reference reliable roofing companies to residents living in or around Pittsburgh, PA and Buffalo, NY. We only refer work to highly trained roofing contractors who have years of experience and are qualified to complete every job right the first time; all of whom are fully insured. Saving customers the time and energy it takes to find a reputable roofer and building a strong bond with Erie community has always been our goal.

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We Provide Best Roofing Erie, PA

A roof is one of the most important factors that an individual has to take into consideration while constructing a home or office. It is the covering on the topmost part of a structure or shelter which provides protection from animals, such as birds, in addition to good old mother nature. Roofs protect us from rain, snow, sunlight, or what ever else crazy weather decides to occur in Northwestern PA.

The type of roof you decide to build depends on the purpose of the building that it will cover as well as the terrain and climatic conditions of the area where said building is located. Local construction practices as well as the materials at hand are also a large contributing factor for the construction of roofs. Local laws and legislation also go into determining what type of roof is selected for a building.

After all of the above, a normal person is bound to get confused while making the right choices for the roof of their house. Well don’t worry anymore, Erie County Roofers are here to help you! Our roofing referral website is here to aid in any and all roof related endeavors. Looking for a roofing company in Erie, PA with years of experience under their belts and are fully insured? Well look no further, we’ll be here every step, slate, or shingle of the way to help make sure that you receive the best roofing service possible.

We Provide Best Roofing Erie, PA

To help give you a little insight into what constructing a roof comprises of, here are three main things to consider while building a roof:

Roofing Materials

On an average the materials used to construct a roof range from laminated glass and copper to aluminum sheeting and pre-caste concrete. In recent years Erie metal roofing and ceramic tiles have also gained a lot of popularity as well. Other roofing materials include asphalt, PVC (Polyvinyl-chloride), wood, slate, shakes, shingles and coal tar pitch. The materials used for any type of roof are primarily designed to shed water.

Given the covering is a major part of a building’s architecture, the roofing materials available in the market come in a large range of colors and textures to best compliment the design and look of the building. Some roofing materials may also help reduce energy and air conditioning costs in hot climate regions by keeping the overall temperature of the structure cooler than traditional materials would.

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Roofing Construction

The main things in determining the type of construction technique to use depend on the methods of support built to hold the roof, how the roof underneath is going to be bridged, and if the roof is pitched or not. The pitch of a building is the angle at which the roof rises from its lowest to its highest point. Except for very dry regions, most roofs in the U.S. have pitches or slightly sloped.

Some roofs require a steep slope or high pitch in order to be waterproof and durable whereas others may become unstable if a roof too steeply pitched. Of course not all structures are created equal as most commercial buildings have flat roofs. Although not common in the Erie and Pittsburgh area, there are a number of flat roofs on residential homes as well. Repairing a roof, whether it be a flat or steep one, both can be properly assessed with the right roofing contractor in Erie PA that we can refer to you at no extra cost!

Roofing Durability

The durability of a roof is a huge matter of concern because in most cases the roof is the least accessible part of a building, meaning it is usually difficult to perform roof repairs or renewals, not to mention that roof damage could potentially have fatal consequences.

An individual’s main concern when investing in any construction task is that the results should last long and they get their moneys worth. Well worry not, because we’ll make sure your needs are met and the type of roof you have or choose to have, will last for a long time.

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